Are you tired of companies not following through with their promises?
We hear this all too often and completely understand the frustration. Often times they come out to fix a problem, but they don't ever provide a detail map of what is truly wrong or make plans to fix the underlying problem. Instead the problem is fixed with a band-aid. This leaves your company susceptible to a future problem that could be catastrophic to your company. At Computer Pros we decided it was about time an IT company did! We provide a free consultation plus 1 hour of free tech support. During this consultation we overlook every aspect of your company's structure from the server to the workstations. We provide you with a detail list that tells you what needs to be fixed, what could be future problems, and what setups are working properly. We treat your company as a home inspector would a home. This is our realm of specialty and we don't see why it should be a secret to you. Wouldn't you want to know if what you thought was being taken care of was really being done? We sure would and we make sure it stays that way.
  • Some items we look out for:
  • Network Equipment - Are you being provided with a solid, fast, connection
  • Folder Redirection - Are your documents being routed properly
  • Data Backup - Is your data local, offsite, or both
  • VPN - If you have one is it as secure as it should be
  • Anti-Virus - Are your systems up to date and protected
  • Server - Is your server setup with proper RAID configurations